<h2>ACCOUNTING OFFOCE - ELENI XRISTOPOULOU </h2><p>Nikolaou Skiada 25A, Gargaliani, Messinia, Greece</p><div class='bgslideshowmore'><a href='http://www.xristopouloueleni.4ty.gr/more.php?l=en' >More...</a></div> <h2>SERVICES FOR INDIVIDUALS</h2><p>Tax declarations, cadastre services, labor issues</p><div class='bgslideshowmore'><a href='http://www.xristopouloueleni.4ty.gr/more2.php?l=en' >More...</a></div> <h2>BUSINESS STRATUPS</h2><p>Proper and timely updating of all tax books, tax computerized and other issues</p><div class='bgslideshowmore'><a href='http://www.xristopouloueleni.4ty.gr/more3.php?l=en' >More...</a></div>
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The role of the tax consultant focuses on ensuring both the proper organization of the business and its full accounting and tax cover, leaving the entrepreneur to deal only with what he knows well.

Considering that every business is unique, in the Accounting and Tax Office of Eleni Christopoulou, we focus our attention on its particular needs, we organize its accounting department thoroughly in order to ensure its excellent operation and with the constant support that we provide, we take care of the entrepreneur feeling safe and confident.

The services we offer in the business sector are as follows:

  • Book Keeping (B '& C' Class)
  • Business startup
  • Organization and servicing of accounting
  • Payroll programs
  • Investment programs



Our office and our partners are always at your disposal for questions and advice. Do not hesitate to contact us at +30 27630 22828.